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Operation Hermes is set to investigate further the still to be discovered Hall of Records, just north of the Giza Plateau. The team, consisting of Ph.D. qualified archaeologists, geophysicists, doctors, surveyors and other specialists is lead by Adam Child, Bill Shirely and Nigel Appleby who are almost ready for their 1998 expedition.

The team, using mathematical codes hidden in Egyptian writings, has confirmed the location of 'The Hall Of Records' as the same position, located using astronomical data, discovered by Robert Bauval and Graham Hancock. Using the very latest technology, including ground penetrating radar, seismic refraction and fluxgate gradiometry the team hope to demonstrate the existence and size of the buried chamber which is on private land several kilometers to the north of the Giza complex.

The site of 'The Hall Of Records' corresponds with the projected site of Sirius in relation to the map of Orion laid out by the Giza complex. It also links with other mathematical projections and sacred and geometrical alignments.  

The team have tried to avoid publicity but since an article in The Sunday Times earlier in the year they have had to go public. The team are very aware of the sensitive situation surrounding the whole Giza complex and to this end are liaising very closely with the British Embassy in Cairo.  

The whole issue surrounding the 'Hall of Records' has been shrouded in controversy ever since Edgar Cayce predicted its discovery in one of his many 'sleeping' sessions. He claimed that discovery would come before the end of 1998. Should the 'Hall of Records' be discovered and it contents prove to be what is expected, the benefits to Egypt and the world will be enormous.  

We look forward to hearing from Adam and the team in the very near future and wish them the best of luck.  

Rob Speight
December 1997


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