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About 80,000 years ago, a couple named Ay and Tiy achieved Ascension and founded the Naacal Mystery School in Lemuria a gentle, magnificent empire that stretched from the Himalayas to way past Easter Island and portions of South America. Not long before the main continent of Lemuria sank, Ay and Tiy gathered over a thousand Immortal Masters and migrated to the island of Undal in Atlantis. They divided the island into four quadrants corresponding to the male-female / logical-intuitive functions of Mind and began projecting ten magnetic vortices in the Tree of Life pattern onto the main island of Atlantis. These magnetic 'hotspots' drew vast numbers of Lemurian migrants who settled around vortices that resonated with their own inner natures. Soon, cities grew over eight of the ten vortices. Two were left uninhabited because the masculine-logical energies they accentuated had yet to arise in the largely feminine-intuitive Lemurian consciousness. 

Alas, Nature abhors a vacuum: the unpopulated vortices began pulling in 'uninvited' refugee races from other planets and Star Systems. One such race were the Hebrews whose home planet had been devastated by a nuclear holocaust. The highly intelligent Hebrews integrated fairly well with the Lemurians and contributed much to their advancement, though undercurrents of mistrust continued to flow through the bloodlines, so that Jews are often regarded as 'Strangers in a Strange Land' even today. 

The other race that suddenly arrived proved to be a monumental problem. These were the Timewarp Martians from an entirely different Evolutionary Spiral, victims of an earlier Lucifer-type Rebellion who were on the verge of planetary annihilation through constant warring. Almost as soon as they appeared in Atlantis, the Martian refugees attempted to colonize everybody else. Tribal traditions that tell of 'giant invaders' are a reminder of this weird era in Earth's history. A large portion of the Martian population was exterminated when a comet struck their main colony on Atlantis. The surviving Martians made a disastrous attempt to leave the planet about 16,000 years ago by constructing another Mechanical Merkaba. The device went out of control and ripped right through our Spacetime Continuum, causing havoc through all the Dimensions. The destruction of Atlantis 3,000 years later through wave upon wave of cataclysmic magnetic-field upheavals was merely a physical side-effect. Dimensional fissures and wormholes were created which sucked in millions of low-frequency entities that didn't belong in this Reality Octave. These dispossessed entities took up residence within the Atlanteans' emotional bodies, generating ripples of deep psychosis throughout the 'collective unconscious' that continue to plague the human race. Some call these displaced entities 'attached spirits' or 'mind viruses.' (They cause destructive 'mood swings' in order to feed off negative human emotions like anger, fear, guilt, and paranoia. The only way to 'exorcize' them is to raise one's spiritual vibrations to a higher level, which allows them to escape from this Dimension and continue their evolution.) 

The Ascended Masters, assisted by Great Ones from the Galactic Councils of Light and vast Armies of Archangels, did everything in their power to minimize the hideous suffering all over the planet but something had gone very wrong and no one knew what to do except pull the plug on the Earth Project and cut the phenomenal losses. This resulted in an overall increase of density on this planet and a drastic lowering of consciousness. Hindus interpreted this somnambulistic phase of human evolution as our entry into the Kali Yuga or Age of Darkness. 

It was then that the Immortal Masters of the Naacal Mystery School decided to divide themselves into three groups and relocate to Khem (now known as Egypt), the Andes (Peru/Bolivia), and the Himalayas. There they materialized underground cities and maintained a low profile for many millennia, keeping themselves comfortably aloof on the higher harmonic overtones of the 4th, 5th and 6th Dimensions. 

When conditions were right, they sent forth emissaries into the 3rd Dimension, operating through local majis and sages, holy men, kings and queens. Some monitored the situation camouflaged as peasants, traders and fortune-tellers. They kept the Sacred Flame burning through the long Dark Ages of a benighted period of human history. 

Occasionally, they would manifest as a secret school of alchemists, artists, philosophers, and scientists. Some attempted to work on the political level by establishing Masonic or Magickal Orders, risking the widespread contagion and contamination of a world gone completely mad. Many a time they were infiltrated and their noble aims hijacked by the Dark Lodge which until very recently held sway over this sector of the Galaxy and was in virtual control of the whole planet via its financial and religious institutions. This is why so many contentious factions and splinter groups have proliferated in the unknown history of the mystery schools on planet Earth. 


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